In-house Tannery

Ayman Tanning Co. Pvt. Ltd has its own tannery and thus holds complete control in the entire process of leather manufacturing. We source the finest quality hides and convert them into finished leather as per our customer’s requirements.

World-class Equipments

Our Company has established outstanding infrastructure including the latest leather technology and an experienced labor force. We invest in state-of-the art manufacturing equipments to ensure high quality of products.

Quality Surveillance

At Ayman Tanning Co. Pvt. Ltd, every order is thoroughly checked in order to ensure that it meets or even exceeds the industry performance standards. Apart from regular quality tests, we also perform many other tests to match the project’s specifications.

Complexity of Designs

Our highly skilled team is specialized in handling the most complicated of projects with great professionalism. All our products are designed with exceptional attention to every minute detail as provided by our clients.

Business Philosophy

At Ayman Tanning Co. Pvt. Ltd, we strive hard to follow the principle of PPPT – product, price, packaging and timely delivery. This simply means that all our products are high quality, properly packaged and delivered before the given time. All of this at an affordable price!


Employee Benefits

Ayman Tanning Co. Pvt. Ltd makes sure that just like their clients, all their employees are equally taken care of. Apart from the necessary wages, we also offer them a number of services and facilities meant for their betterment.