Once the purchase order is issued, our expert team will commence the process of selection and measurement of the entire stock of leather. The colour and thickness of the leather is then matched with the sample provided by the clients and swatches are sent for testing of Chrome VI ageing, AZO, PCP, etc. This is followed by the calculation of the estimated cost involved in the process.


In order to proceed with an order, the calculation of materials is required. A purchase order is issued from various suppliers dealing in materials like lining, zipper, puller, sponge, thread, packaging materials and so on. Once the concerned materials are acquired, a thorough quality check is conducted. The defective items are then sent back to the respective suppliers for replacement.


The cut leather parts are then matched with the original sample by the sample department. The patterns that are to be cut manually are first confirmed with the pattern developer. The cut materials are checked and counted by the Quality Control team and in case of any defects, they are sent back for replacement. Materials like lining, board, sponge, etc. are also cut according to the given pattern and then checked by the pattern maker.

Production Floor

The cut parts of leather and other materials are sent to the fabricator depending on their strengths and capacities. Work challans are then issued, mentioning detailed description of all the materials used along with certain other order instructions. The sample maker discusses the design of the product with the production team which involves a briefing of every aspect of the product. Prior to mass production, one piece is sent for approval from the sample department. The production supervisor oversees the functioning of both the sample and the production department, and also provides instructions to the stitching team. The sample as well as final stitching process is closely monitored by the production manager in-charge.

Finishing and Cutting

Once the production process is over, the finishing team cuts off the spare threads and leather parts to give the product a polished look. If required, they also crease the card slots.


After the successful completion of all the above processes, the finished goods are sent to the quality check department for removing glue marks and colouring off the edges. Once this has been done, the product is again sent to an experienced personnel for a final inspection. Finally, the products are stuffed with paper and specimen cards and packed into cartons for shipping.

Final Inspection Report

After the final quality check, a Final Inspection Report is prepared consisting of detailed images of each product – before and after being packed. It is then sent to the client for their approval. Final goods are shipped to the customer along with necessary documents and other flight details.