Ayman Tannery

Tanning is the process of converting raw hides (animal skin) into leather that is used to produce items we use on a regular basis. Over the past few decades, the process of tanning has been modified in order to abide by the demands of industrial changes as well as the society. Leather manufacturing can be categorized into three stages: preparing the hide for tanning, the tanning process and finally the finishing process.

Preparation of the Hide

An important step in leather production is the preparation of hide before it is sent for tanning. We make sure that our raw materials are obtained from the best sources as it plays a significant role in the quality of the finished products. This stage takes place in our own tannery where the raw hides undergo desalting operations through the use of special machinery. Our highly skilled team closely monitors the entire process to identify the slightest of defects in the hides.

The Tanning Process

At this stage, we derive an intermediate product known as the crust or “wet-blue” owing to its bluish colour. It is crucial to obtain the perfect crust as it contains several important properties such as heat resistance, water repellency and so on. Each step is conducted in our private tannery which is equipped with high precision imported machinery, and supervised by a team of skilled technicians. The tanned leather is then dyed as per the requirements of the clients. We make sure that the latest of methods are employed to derive the highest quality output.

The Finishing Process

This is the final stage which is used to enhance the natural beauty of the product and give it a polished touch. It involves a number of processes like pigmentation, ironing, pressing, adjustment of gloss level, embossing and so on. On the basis of requirements, the finishing processes are conducted either through machinery or manually. Quality is a top priority for us which makes us strive hard to deliver high quality services within the giving period of time.