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Production Process

By staying up to date with today’s techniques, new design approaches and trends, at Ayman we keep our skills polished. We are always looking for opportunities to learn new things making it easier to deliver work, our customers will be proud of. 

Quality Standards 

After the leather is received from the tannery it is subjected to an extensive quality control every sheet is checked for ticks, mosquito bites, unevenness, colour variation and wrinkles, using the data gathered a utility report is generated and the usable parts of are marked on on the sheets ensuring uniformity of finished leather on the final product. 

Complex Designs 

The initial sampling is done using a mix of the best product development software and expertise of traditional craftsmen with an experience of more than 15 years.


The whole process is minutely documented and stored in a database which is exclusive to the customer so that no data is lost helping us to serve them better over the years. 


Mechanical Cutting 

We use state of art technology to cut our leather sheets to provide edge to edge precision when cutting parts.


The utilization of die cutting & laser technology on machining leather  gives us a number of advantages such as flexibility, high production speed, possibility to cut complex geometries, easier cutting over conventional cutting methods of slitting knives, manual cutting.

Uncompromised Stitching Standards 

We go all out to provide our customers with the best products at competitive prices. Every article stitched goes through a rigorous quality check and therefore is of uncompromising quality standards. 

At Ayman we use multiple type of stitches such as Chain Stitching, Multi-Thread Stitching, Lockstitch and Over-Lock Stitch, to meet the dynamic customer demands. 


Green Sustainable Packaging 

The packaging which we use to ship our products are mostly made of recycled paper which is also biodegradable nature making it a safer choice.


To reduce our carbon and plastic footprint, we also encourage our customers to reduce the usage of plastic and promote the goal of plastic free packaging  to ensure our a sustainable future. 

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