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Our Founders

Sharib Ahmed 

Founder & Director

After working at Hindustan Unilever under the sales and marketing of their FMCG division. Mr Ahmed decided to become a first-generation entrepreneur himself. His idea was to market superior quality leather products crafted by Indian hands using labour-intensive methods in order to provide employment opportunities to skilled Indian craftsmen and revive the industry of handcrafted leather goods.   

+91 9830591017

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Mohammed Nadim

Founder & Leather Specialist

Mr. Nadim entered the export industry in 1995 as a small leather goods craftsman working for other companies and gradually entered the tanning industry in1999, with more than 25 years of experience in the leather industry. He is one of the pioneers in chrome-free sustainable and vegetable-tanned leather bringing more value to our planet. He founded Ayman with a vision of introducing the world to much safer tanning methods for us and our planet by employing environmentally-conscious processes to produce superior quality sustainable skin-friendly leather products.

+91 9830024281


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